Limitation makes the creative mind inventive.
—Walter Gropius

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Eden Nguyen is a designer/creative director currently based in Washington DC. To Eden, graphic design is a tool that conveys MAXIMUM MESSAGE through MINIMUM MEANS. She follows the Ludwig Mies van der Rohe school of thinking, in which “less is more”.

Eden’s creative medium is print/tactile, environmental/visual space, web/conceptual space, and branding/strategic communication. Her collaborative partners range from the fashion, corporate, and non-profit world to artists, artisans, and start-up companies.

Eden Nguyen received a BFA in Communication Arts & Design from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has 18 years of experience including over 5 years with Giorgio Armani, North America. Eden made her start at Siegel + Gale, which during her time there was one of the top 5 branding agencies worldwide.